Usually we receive a time frame in our client’s request as to when they wish to have their site up and running. In this case we will do our best to honor the deadline. However, bear in mind that site completion usually runs late due to us having to wait for the client to deliver their material. On average, it takes us 7 to 10 days to finish graphic design and coding of the website.

In most cases a face to face meeting is not required. Most of our projects get finished after corresponding with our clients via email or phone. Our proposal is visible online to you only at any time. Furthermore, we do a regular follow-up to check with you if the site is headed in the desired direction

Web Center Ltd. offers full support for all the websites we design and we are always available to help you with any related problems or desired upgrades. Our services in maintenance guarantee your website will never become obsolete. 

You may change your provider at any time. We will send you all the necessary files and information to your email, upon your request, providing you with an access to your domain and transferring over to you the web hosting control.

We would greatly appreciate if you could send text and photos in electronic form, i.e. digital camera photos and text typed in MS Word. If necessary we can assist you in making your files user friendly on your web site.

All of our websites are designed with having search engines in mind, therefore are optimized. In addition, it would benefit you to let us revise your site after some time to keep it fresh in the search results. This is because search engines often change their rules and algorithms and we want for your site to stay competitive.

You need a well-designed professionally done website, domain name, and web hosting capacity. Then you need to upload your website onto your hosting server and optimize it for it to be visible on the search engines. 

Very. CMS tool, delivered to you by Web Center Ltd., lets you optimize all your web pages, and even lets you input your own custom key words to secure your visibility on search engine sites. CMS interface is user friendly and time saving.

No. We openly discuss our services and prices with you prior to any agreement is made. After we receive your request we answer with our proposal with all previously mentioned costs included.

This depends on how much information you plan to upload onto your new site. In case you have many products and features that you wish to include, it would be better to have a database integrated into your website. If so, we will advise you on how to proceed with it and how it works. In any case, we will design your site to match your specific needs.

There are different methods you can you to do this. The one you choose will be entirely up to you, but we will be happy to advise you on which one would better suit your needs. If you have a smaller website and you don’t update it so often, it would be less costly for you to let Web Center Ltd. do this for you upon your request. Other methods are dependent on factors such as: how much data you have uploaded onto your site, how many photos, and how these files are retained. We can provide you with an online system where you can manage content of a single page/product/service or entire parts of your site i.e. news section. Additionally we can provide you tools to upload entire palettes of products onto the site with a single action using tables etc. We can also implement databases if necessary.

No. After your site is finished it is yours to give it to whomever you want for further maintenance, however, of course, we believe you will be satisfied with our service and thus, continue to use Web Center Ltd. for maintaining your website.

Some visitors of your site will view it a bit differently depending on their browser, screen settings, and their personal tool boxes. For this particular reason, we test our websites using multiple software and different types of settings before publishing. Obviously, as computer technology advances the websites will need remodeling as well.

Yes. Our company will provide you with all the necessary services relating to website design and hosting. We have the know-how, we will register your domain name, we will design your site, and we will host it for you, as well as, organize all your email accounts.

Unfortunately, there is no hosting service which can guarantee 100% availability at all times to their clients. However, we are happy to inform you that our servers kept 100% availability over a number of years to this day. We do guarantee that we are prepared with necessary backups which are standing by and are ready to deal with any kind of emergency in the shortest amount of time.

Yes we do, upon your request. It is important to emphasize that while Flash animation does have its advantages, it would not be wise to have entire website built on it, or even entire pages, since search engines cannot read words off of animations which will make your site less optimized. Generally, Flash is best used for smaller banners and ads together with some form of typed text. This way search engines will be able to pick up your key words and other information.

Yes, we can give you an email account, furthermore you will probably wish to have multiple email accounts such as: sales@your_domain.com, info@your_domain.com, john.smith@your_domain.com.

Yes. We also provide our clients with a tracking software which show you where your visitors came from, which pages they visited, which search engine brought them, which key words they used to find you, and many other interesting statistical data you can use to improve your marketing strategy.


Yes. We are in possession of Secure Servers (SSL) which use the most advanced methods of coding to ensure the highest level of security on your sites. Your customers will be safe to purchase your products online while knowing their personal information is secured and confidential. If you prefer your customers to perform online transactions, we will be happy to connect your site with online payment companies such as Worldpay, Protex or any other of your choosing. You may also choose to perform these transactions through your own bank in which case you have to ask them to provide you with conditions and software applications.

If the site we built for you includes the Content Management System (CMS) as well, you will be able to access the tools to manage your site as much as you want from any corner of the world as long as you have a working internet connection. In case your website is smaller and does not include CMS, we can perform these changes for you. We assure you that our prices are very reasonable.

CMS is very easy to use and contain guides and explanations where needed. In addition, during the designing phase we will have already gone over this administrative tool. Still, we will be available at all times if you have any questions regarding the tool.

The price varies depending on the type and complexity of the website. A smaller site with only a few static pages will cost as low as 390€ depending on your demands, while a fully operating e-commerce site containing a large number of pages including CMS could cost anywhere between 800€ and 3,000€. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss our rates and your demands in order to come up with an acceptable price to best suit your budget.

As many as you like. As far as optimization with search engine goes, the more the merrier!

Yes, we will be happy to look at your existing site and send you our offer.

Yes. We can redesign your website while keeping the original corporate style, or we can give a completely new look and feel. If you feel your site is already updated, let us conduct an evaluation anyway free of charge. We guarantee, once we are done, that it will be compatible with the latest web technology.

Absolutely not! It is your website and you will have full control of its content and running ads.

If you dislike the design that was offered to you, we will discuss it with you to hear your thoughts and ideas and what you would like to have, after which we would upload a new suggested design onto your web space for you to have a look at. We wouldn’t want to have you dissatisfied with our final product. The goal of our company is to deliver sites which will make our clients feel fully satisfied.

Yes, we offer an excellent spam protection service.

Yes, our websites are always designed to be search engine friendly.

We design sites which are highly user friendly. Our sites show high level of creativity while keeping it simple and practical, and having a pleasant visual appeal. They are highly effective as business tools. All this comes from our knowledge of the value of different kinds of site characteristics that we use to maximize gain in both style and functionality.

Yes, absolutely. Domain registration is an important part of our service. Please feel free to check out our domain registration page where you can find available names for your site. You are not required to purchase other services from us if you want to use our domain registration tool. However, we hope that you will want to use all the services we have available.



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